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    Forum Rules & Guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING] Empty Forum Rules & Guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Post by Royal on Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:15 pm

    Rules & Guidelines

    You must be at least 13 years of age to register to this forum.
    You are expected to know and follow the rules and guidelines of this forum. Claiming to have not known the rules is no excuse.

    This is an English forum and we ask of you to communicate only in the English language when posting, with the exception of dedicated threads. This is to avoid full-scale discussions which become difficult to moderate and may make some members uncomfortable.

    When posting take into account the relevance of the post to the thread or the thread to the section. Off-topic threads will be moved to the appropriate section by a moderator and off-topic posts may be removed. If a discussion drifts off course and leads onto a different topic then please create a separate thread rather than clutter up the other one. If you are asked to remain on-topic by a moderator or administrator then please do so.

    The content of the post must not violate any of the rules set out below. Violation of these rules may result in the removal of the offending post and further action being taken.

    You must not:

    • Spam or flood the boards with unnecessary threads or posts
    • Post inappropriate content
      (including but not limited to: racism, homophobia, sexism and pornography)
    • Link to inappropriate content
      (pornography and offensive images/videos/websites)
    • Harass or torment other members
    • Create threads or make posts purely to target an emotional response from members of the community
    • Bump old threads with meaningless replies
    • Advertise other forums or irrelevant products/services
    • Promote illegal content
    • Evade the word filer. At the moment the word filter is limited to only serious racial slurs, but you must not evade the filter to post these regardless of context
    • Post personal information of others without permission

    Administrators have the right to delete any account with a username deemed inappropriate. You may change your username using Playmaker Points by requesting it in this thread.

    Multiple Accounts
    Forum members are asked to create only one account. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Users who create more than one account without it being permitted by a moderator or administrator will have any additional account banned. If they are persistent in their actions further action may be taken. If a user is banned and creates additional accounts, the ban duration may be extended.

    Account Sharing
    Account sharing is prohibited to avoid confusion and excuses. You and you only are entirely responsible for any actions performed under your username.

    Avatars and Signatures
    Size Limits
    The size limit for an avatar is 160 x 250 px. An image will be automatically resized to an appropriate measurement if you choose the upload from URL option.

    The size limit for signature images is 500 x 300 px, this goes for all images combined you can't put 2 different images 500x300 and get away with it, if you are using separate images and the width comes slightly over 500 pixels wide, up to 550px there can be some leeway. The size limit for signature's is 2.5 mb, this will mostly apply for animated signatures. You are also not allowed to use the scrolling feature in your signature. Blank lines will also count towards the overall size of your signature and will be removed is necessary.

    If an avatar or signature is inappropriate it will be removed. If an avatar or signature has been removed it means we don’t want you using it, obviously, so don’t use it again after removal.

    Your avatar/signature must not:

    • Advertise other forums
    • Link to harmful or inappropriate websites
    • Contain pornographic material (including topless women or women in very revealing clothing)
    • Contain offensive content or images

    Infractions & Bans
    The infraction system consists of 6 levels numbered 1 to 6. We work on a case by case basis and when a member’s infraction levels add up to at least 5 a ban will handed out. The duration of the ban will depend on the total of the infraction levels.

    A member receives two Level 2 infractions and one Level 1 infraction
    They receive a 5 day ban

    A member receives one Level 4 infraction and one Level 3 infraction
    They receive a 7 day ban

    Level 6
    The Level 6 infraction is there in case a moderator feels something surpasses what they would consider worthy of a Level 5 infraction. The moderator will decide on the ban duration for a Level 6 infraction. It will be a minimum of 6 days.

    All infractions expire after 31 days of when they are received.

    Permanent Ban
    If you come to this forum purely to spam or cause grief you will receive a permanent ban. It’s as simple as that.
    If you consistently break the rules, even after countless warnings, you may also find yourself with a permanent ban.

    Be sure to utilise the report button. Moderators cannot check every single post on this forum so it comes down to the members to ensure they get the best possible quality of moderation.

    Rules last updated 28th September 2011 by Royal

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    Forum Rules & Guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING] Empty Re: Forum Rules & Guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Post by Mal on Sun May 15, 2011 2:44 am

    Royal. not worthy

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