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    Playmaker Points

    Post by Royal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:39 pm

    What are Playmaker Points?
    Playmaker Points are the forum currency which can be spent on upgrades/changes to your profile. At the moment you can currently purchase these upgrades:
    Username Change
    Custom Rank
    Coloured Rank
    Coloured Username

    How can I earn points?
    The fastest way to earn points is by posting, but there are a small number of other ways you can earn them too. You will receive 1 point for every post you make, 4 points for every thread you create, 7 points automatically every day and 10 points for each friend you add. You can also earn points by winning certain competitions held on this forum, in which the amount can vary. Another method of receiving points is through donations of other Playmaker members. Points can be donated by request in the transaction thread.

    What's the point in this?
    The points system was originally going to be introduced to limit the number of username changes on here, and I thought allowing other profile changes would be a nice addition. Smile

    How do I purchase upgrades?
    Simple, just request the change/upgrade you wish to purchase in the transaction thread. Unfortunately it is not possible for transactions to be automated, so you will have to wait for me to come online before your transaction can be carried out.

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