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    Forum Changes Log

    Post by Royal on Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:16 pm

    11/3/11 - New rank bars added
    New rank bars have been added to replace the old ones. The only change is the style of the rank, the rank titles still remain the same and require the same amount of posts to rank up.

    16/3/11 - New logo
    As you have probably already noticed, the logo has changed. The new logo is a slightly updated version of the old one.

    16/3/11 - Favicon updated
    In addition to the new logo, the forum favicon has also changed. The favicon is the small icon displayed on a tab and favourite/bookmark list.

    17/3/11 - I changed the logo again
    I promise I'll stop now. shifty

    31/3/11 - Theme changes
    • Thread titles and usernames are no longer underlined
    • New post buttons
    • New forum icons
    • New thread icons
    • The colour of thread titles has changed

    21/4/11 - New ranks - again
    New rank bars have been added and the rank titles have also changed, most of them are now football related. All custom ranks have been removed. I am looking to implement a points system, which if successful will see the return of custom rank availability. A list of basic ranks can be found here;

    22/4/11 - Playmaker Points
    A points system has been implemented for two reasons:
    1) To limit the number of name changes we have on here
    2) To reward you for posting
    More information on the points system can be found here:

    13/5/11 - Mods
    Due to kyro7 and Walcott both requesting to be removed as moderators, Zzonked and Marvin will be replacing them.

    14/5/11 - Infractions
    The warning system has been replaced with infractions. Find out more in the rules:

    9/6/11 - Navigation Bar
    I have updated to nav bar to match the theme of the rest of the forum.

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    Re: Forum Changes Log

    Post by Mal on Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:41 pm

    Royal. not worthy


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