Mount and Blade: Warband


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    Mount and Blade: Warband

    Post by Cam on Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:00 pm

    Has anyone played it? It's not gonna win any awards, but it's so fun. Laughing

    It's an ActionRPG, it's basically like Medieval Total War in the way that there's an overworld with little towns, but when you go into battle, you play as one guy, you play as like the leader of the army. You start off just as one guy and you hire some mercenaries and do little quests, like fighting off Bandits and hunting down wanted men etc. There is basically loads of wars going on in Calendia (or something, it's a fake continent) with usurpers and stuff and you eventually build up your reputation and stuff until you can join one of the king's armies as a leader of a little band, and then become a Thane or whatever, until eventually you can even lead your own rebellion to become king. Surprised

    It's really good, and only 15 quid on Steam.. You can even get a Game of Thrones mod so you're on Westeros etc. Smile

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